Viessmann Group of companies is one of the leading global manufacturers of heating systems . Addressed in the third generation by Dr. Martin Viessmann company was founded in 1917 .

With 23 manufacturing facilities in 10 countries and a network of distribution a total of 74 countries , and 120 sales offices around the world, Viessmann has a very international character . More than 56 percent of turnover accounted for by exports .

Viessmann family company for over three generations feel obliged to cultivate the tradition of supplying heat as needed in a comfortable , cost-effective and protect the environment . With a number of market-leading products and solutions , Viessmann is the leader in heating , making it the company became a pioneer in the field of technology and initiated a number of activities across the industry.

Viessmann Academy

Modern heating systems require continuous improvement skills. Already in the 60's of last century , it was noted that the need and established the Viessmann Academy . The demand for knowledge is increasing , because of technical progress in the heating industry is extremely dynamic . Every year in training , seminars Viessmann Academy around the world , brings together more than 92,000 professionals heating industry . In Poland, since 2003, also operates the only of its kind in the country 2-year Vocational College of Modern Technology of Heating Viessmann Academy , which educates comprehensively present, and especially future professionals.

Responsibility for the environment. The "Efficiency Plus "

Responsibility for the respect for the environment , competence and fairness in dealing with business partners and employees, and the pursuit of excellence and the highest efficiency in all business processes are core values ​​for Viessmann . This applies to every employee , and thus the entire enterprise , which by all its products and associated services provides its customers the benefits of gaining through binding to a strong brand .

Complete offer modern heating systems for all energy and all kinds of objects .