For over 70 years , Samsung has devoted all its efforts to create a better world by providing advanced technology for both business and individual users. Through continuous innovation, functional products and services , talented staff , reasonable approach to business and cooperation with our partners and customers , Samsung is a bearer of new developments .

Company Profile

The leader of digital technology ... responsible citizen of the world ... versatile family of companies ... company acted in conformity with ethical ... Samsung combines all this and more. In companies Samsung Group and Samsung Electronics , our products , personnel and approach to the interests of achieving the highest standards , allowing us to make a clear contribution to improving the standard of living.

Philosophy Samsung

At Samsung, we follow the simple philosophy : our talent and technology we use to create high- quality products and services that contribute to improving the quality of life of the global community .

Our employees embody this philosophy in life every day. Leaders of companies are looking for the best talent from around the world and equip them the necessary resources to fully exploit their potential. As a result, all of our products - from memory chips that help businesses store key data to mobile phones that connect people across all continents - enrich the lives of their users. And that is what the idea of ​​improving the quality of life of the global society .

2020 Vision

Samsung Electronics Vision for the next decade presents a new motto " inspire the world , create the future." / uk